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This is the old KEX 50,000 watt Westinghouse transmitter.  KEX was Portland's first high power AM radio station with a signal spanning up and down the West coast of the United States.


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This shows the old KGW AM 620 radio towers in North Portland, adjacent to I-5 and Portland International Raceway (looking North across Interstate highway).  The tall towers were removed in December of 2000.  More info at http://www.portofportland.com/


And, a peek inside of the old AM 620 RCA tube transmitter

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The newer Continental AM 620 transmitter, at center right under the orange bar.   Through the miracle of modern technology, the newer transmitter is one fifth the size of the older.

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Thanks to Chris Weiss of Clear Channel Communications, Portland for the inside pictures.


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KGW radio, 1924

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KGW Picture Parade

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The above two photos courtesy the Puget Sound Theatre Organ Society.   They have early Portland radio broadcast pictures of KOIN and KEX too.


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