Internet Radio

Most Portland radio stations now stream their signal on the Internet.  Drill into a local station by clicking FM/AM, select the call letters and then click into the station’s web site.  Look for a link that usually says “listen live”. 

After activating a “listen” link, the signal should stream to the active audio player in your computer or device.  Some station streams require you to play them with an audio player. The free & open source audio player VLC is one of the best.

Here are a few recommended internet stations to sample:

  1. KUSA - A century of American music

  2. Kisn Good Guys - Real oldies radio returns

  3. KPSU - Portland State University

  4. House of Sound - Free-form artistic Portland pirate radio

  5. Portland Radio Authority - Ambient to hip-hop to indie rock

  6. - A new Portland fm to hit the air at 91.1 someday

  7. The Source - Smooth Jazz to go nicely with your gin & tonic

For a guide to see what’s available via internet radio nationwide, see:, or,